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Permanent Makeup, Medical Micropigmentation & Aesthetic Treatments

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyebrows

Brow Shadowing & Powder Brows

Permanent brow shadowing adds a sheer layer of pigment behind your existing brow through gentle microshading technique to provide definition, correct symmetry and fullness.

Powder brows creates a gentle and soft brow for treatment of brow loss by providing total restoration or reconstruction of brows. Ideal for clients who have experienced brow loss due to chemotherapy, hormones or age.

Permanent Lip Blush

Watercolor Lip Blush & Lip Neutralization

Watercolor Lip Blush restores and enhances your lips by providing a natural looking blush of color using microshading. This treatment can give the illusion of volume but also emphasize their natural shape.

Neutralizing lip blush is a corrective treatment to warm and neutralize a cool and dark undertone to the lips.

Permanent Eye Liner

Permanent Lash enhancement, Permanent Soft Top Liner & Permanent Shadow Liner

Permanent lash enhancement is the most natural looking eyeliner by placing permanent pigment through the lash line only. Service for clients who want a touch more definition around the lashes.

Permanent Soft Top Liner includes a lash enhancement but also places soft pigment above the lashes.

Permanent Shadow Liner places pigment between the lashes, on top of the lash line in addition to a soft and beautiful shading above the lashes onto the eyelid.

Medical Micropigmentation

Medical Micropigmentation

2D & 3D Areola Restoration, Scar Camouflage

2D & 3D Areola Restoration- the use of micropigmentation to provide an ultra realistic dimensional areola and nipple for patients who have undergone breast surgery or other traumatic events

Scar Camouflage technique that uses gentle microneedling to place pigment into the area of scarring with the goal of matching the surrounding skin tone and coloration.

Aesthetic Services


Botox & Dysport, Fillers

Botox & Dysport- are injectables that lesion the strength of specific muscle contractions to soften facial lines. Learn More

Fillers- the use of hyaluronic acid to fill in areas where tissue has been lost or deficient. Service lessons nasolabial folds and oral commissures as well as enhancing lip fullness. Learn More

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Coming Soon - Pamper Yourself with Our Massage Therapy Services

Unwind and relax with our professional massage therapy services. Our experienced and certified massage therapist will provide personalized services tailored to your unique needs, helping you to de-stress and rejuvenate. Currently by appointment only. Contact our office to find out more or sign up for our notification list to be the first to know when they become available. Get ready to experience ultimate relaxation near you.

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