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Permanent Lip Blush

Enhance your lip features with a professional permanent makeup treatment
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Watercolor Lip Blush restores and enhances your lips by providing a natural looking and effortless blush of color. As we age, we lose the ability to naturally generate collagen and elastin that can result in the loss of color around our vermillion border. This service stimulates collagen and elastin through the microneedling process and can provide a solution to those inevitable fine lines and wrinkles.

Defining lips by adding even the slightest amount of color can be the perfect touch to having a natural and glowing lip. This treatment will not only give your lips the illusion of volume but also emphasize their natural shape. We use advance European microshading, to give you a beautiful blush of color that lasts for 1-3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Watercolor Lip Blushing?

Watercolor lip blushing is a cosmetic tattooing procedure on the lips to create a semi- permanent effect. Lip blushing enhances the color and shape of your lips by inserting pigment into the lips with tiny microneedles. Lip blushing creates a more defined look, bringing color to pale lips to achieve a beautiful effect for you to enjoy daily.

What is Neutralizing Lip Blush?

Neutralizing Lip Blush is a corrective treatment that warms & neutralizes a cool and dark undertone in the lips. This is an advanced permanent makeup technique and typically is applied to clients who have darker skin complexions. There are limitations in choosing your lip color with this service, since the complimentary tone will be targeted to neutralize the correct undertone. This service may require additional touch ups as we are not just adding color to the lips but lightening and neutralizing the cooler undertones within the lips.

How do I prepare for the service?

Before your Permanent Lip Blush:
Use Vaseline or Lip balm daily 5 days prior to your procedure to moisturize the lips You may use a lip scrub if needed to minimize dry lips. There are additional waiting periods before permanent lip blush can be performed. History of fever blisters, even just 1 in your lifetime, requires a note from your doctor and premedication before your first visit. You will need to wait 4-5 weeks if you have received fillers including Juvederm, Silk, Voluma, Sculptura, Restylane, etc. There is a waiting period of 1 month if you have received lip augmentation through fat transfer, implants, or tissue grafting.

There are additional reasons why your permeant makeup may not be performed or medical conditions that require approval from your doctor. There are additional reasons why permeant makeup services may also be delayed.

How to Prepare for Visit

What happens during my treatment?

A lip blushing treatment starts with a consultation to discuss color and shape preferences. We mix, map and personalize the lip color and shape that is right for you. We will apply a topical anesthetic to minimize pain but often clients do not need anesthetic as we use a gentle microshading technique. The lip blushing procedure usually takes 2—3 hours in total to complete. There is usually minimal temporary swelling which often creates an illusion of increased volume to your lips.

What can I expect while my lips heal?

Immediately following the procedure, your lips may feel dry or chapped. They may feel tight to the touch. Your lips will take about four weeks to completely heal. During the first week after treatment, you will experience some scabbing and peeling in addition to some swelling. You will need to keep your lips moist by applying ointment. This will go away within 5-7 days and the lips will be mostly after 2 weeks.

During this time, the color may be initially 30-40% darker and appear to have a warmer undertone than when healed. This is a natural process called oxidation where the color pigments react with oxygen. The pigment maybe the lightest color between days 4-7. The color will then blossom over the next 28 days but may be lighter than the initial shade after the service.



For the first few days, avoid licking your lips, getting your lips wet, and heavy kissing. Please avoid salty foods, extended wear lipstick, and plumping gloss while healing. You will need to avoid teeth bleaching for 3 weeks. Avoid rubbing your lips together. Itching is normal but we recommend no picking as you may remove the pigmented color. No long showers, swimming, saunas or sweating during the healing process. You may wear makeup or lip gloss after 10-14 days. Please avoid cigarette smoking until after 2 weeks from your treatment.

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