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Permanent Brows

Enhance your facial features with a professional permanent makeup treatment
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Permanent eyebrows can make all the difference to your morning makeup routine. You will no longer need to grab the brow pencil and you will have confidence walking out the door with your new brows. At Point Clear Studio, we strive to enhance your natural features through gentile techniques to create beautiful eyebrows that will last 1-3 years. We offer 2 different types of brow services including brow shadowing and powder brows.

Permanent brow shadowing provides a beautiful and ultra-soft shadow behind your existing brow hairs through micro shading. This sheer layer of pigment will help give enhancement to your natural brow features. This is a gentle technique that provides definition, corrects symmetry, and adds fullness. This is a great option for clients who may have some or complete brow hairs.

Powder brows creates a gentle and soft brow for treatment of brow loss by providing total restoration or reconstruction of brows. Ideal for clients who have experienced brow loss due to chemotherapy, hormones or age. This service provides more coverage as opposed to our Brow Shadowing technique.

Microblading versus Microshading

Microblading has been a popular permanent makeup trend for eyebrows. It uses a very fine blade made up of several needles that is dragged through the skin creating scratches that look like natural hairs. This technique can be effective for some, but many people are not candidates for this service. Microblading is suitable for dry to normal skin. This method is not ideal for oily skin with large pores as the strokes tend to blur together. There is an increased risk of scarring with microblading due to the increased trauma on the skin.

We find that the most natural results come from advanced micro shading techniques instead. Micro shading uses a gentle process that places pigment underneath the skin through nano technology of micro needling to create a dusty pixel appearance. Most all skin types are candidates for this service and there is a lower risk of scarring and potential trauma to the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my visit?

You will achieve much better results if you prepare your skin for your permanent makeup procedure. The area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated. Exfoliate your brow area the night before your treatment to remove any dead skin which will help pigment retention. Please do not pluck, wax, thread or tint your brows for up to 3 days before your brow treatment. We recommend that you to not exercise the day of the procedure as excessive oil in the skin can prevent the pigment from retaining.

There are additional reasons why your permeant makeup may not be performed or medical conditions that require approval from your doctor. There are additional reasons why permeant makeup services may also be delayed.

How to Prepare for my Visit

What happens during treatment?

Permanent eyebrow treatment starts with a consultation to discuss color and shape preferences. We measure, map and personalize the eyebrow shape and color that is right for you. We will apply a topical anesthetic to minimize pain but often clients do not need anesthetic as we use a gentle micro shading technique. The permanent eyebrow procedure usually takes 1.5-2 hours in total to complete.

What can I expect while my eyebrows heal?

Your eyebrow color will be approximately 30% darker initially than when fully healed. Over the next 10 days, the color will soften its appearance and it may take up to 4 weeks for the true color to come through. Do not be alarmed if the color seems to disappear during the healing process, this is due to layers of the skin forming. You may experience some redness, mild swelling, dryness or itching to your treated area during the first week.

It is highly recommended that you follow the aftercare instructions below. Each client’s skin responds differently both in how long it takes to heal, and the number of sessions needed for color retention and desired results. It is important that you take good care of your eyebrows while healing. Even with the proper care, some areas may look uneven or patchy due to your natural skin regeneration. It is important to follow up for a touch up in 6-8 weeks to assure that your brows are perfectly even and that the desired effect, symmetry and target color was achieved. Your permeant makeup should last 1-3 years following your touch up session.


Caring for your facial permeant makeup requires a dry healing process.

Day 1: (day of service) No moisture to the area. Apply gentle patting with a damp, clean cotton pad every 10 minutes for the first 2 hours after the service. The purpose is to remove clear lymphatic fluid. Shower as usual, but do not place you face directly into the shower.

It is best to sleep with your head elevated and on your back for the first few days of healing. Please do not use any exfoliated soaps.

Day 2: Gently wash the pigmented area with mild soap & water 1-2 times per day. The area may feel dry or chapped but refrain from moisturizing the area

Day 3-6: Repeat washing. You can now apply grapeseed oil or Aquaphor 2 x per day. Peeling or sloughing of skin may occur. Please try not to pick at the pigmented area

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