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Aftercare for all cosmetic and medical permanent makeup

How to care for Facial PMU:

Caring for your facial permeant makeup requires a dry healing process

Day 1: (day of service) No moisture to the area. Apply gentle patting with a damp, clean cotton pad every 10 minutes for the first 2 hours after the service. The purpose is to remove clear lymphatic fluid. Shower as usual, but do not place you face directly into the shower.

It is best to sleep with your head elevated and on your back for the first few days of healing. Please do not use any exfoliated soaps.

Day 2: Gently wash the pigmented area with mild soap & water 1-2 times per day. The area may feel dry or chapped but refrain from moisturizing the area

Day 3-6: Repeat washing. You can now apply grapeseed oil or Aquaphor 2 x per day. Peeling or sloughing of skin may occur. Please try not to pick at the pigmented area

How to care for medical PMU:

Caring for your medical permeant makeup requires a wet healing process.

Day 1-7

Keep the pigment area completely sealed with Vaseline & Tegaderm film for 7 days

Step 1) Clean area with alcohol

Step 2) Place Vaseline on the pigment using a clean Q-tip

Step 3) Completely seal the area with Tegaderm Film and change as needed

Day 7-14

After day 7, apply Vaseline mooring and night while also covering with gauze. Tegaderm is no longer required after 7 days. Can apply a cling film if needed. It is important to keep the area from rubbing directly against your clothing for 14 days.

No long showers, swimming, saunas or sweating during the healing process.

What to expect:

There may be slight swelling or redness the day of your procedure. The area may weep a clear lymphatic fluid. This is normal. Fairer complexions may become more pink or red immediately after you procedure.

The color may be 30-40% darker and appear to have a warmer undertone than when healed. The color can darken the first few days due to oxidation. The pigment maybe the lightest color between day 4-7. The color will then “bloom” over the next 28 days.

What to notice:

Please seek medical attention if a red ring appears of the pigmented area.

For eyeliner service only: Your sclera or white area of the eyeball should not become red. You must seek medical attention immediately if you see signs of bloodshot eyes or drainage. This may be a sign of infection requiring a physician and prescription medication.

What to avoid:

Avoid exfoliating skin products. For example, Retin-A, vitamin C serums, glycolic acid, exfoliating facial soaps and medical grade exfoliating enzymes or facials

No exfoliating skin treatments. For example, lasers, chemical peels, IPL or facials between your initial appointment and your touch up. Please discontinue for 3-4 weeks before and after your appointment.

Avoid placing your face directly into the shower for the first week

Avoid direct sunlight or sweating while healing.

Avoid dirt such as gardening

Avoid exposure to bacteria. For example, saunas, steam rooms, makeup products, or touching the pigment area with your hands.

Never use topical antibiotics like Neosporin

For permanent lip blush only: Avoid salty foods, extended wear lipstick, and plumping gloss while healing. Avoid teeth bleaching for 3 weeks. For day 1 & 2, avoid licking your lips, getting your lips wet, and heavy kissing. Avoid rubbing your lips together or picking.

For Permanent eyeliner only: Due to bacteria, avoid eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara for 3-4 weeks. Avoid eye creams, Latisse, & lash growth products. Absolutely no lash tinting, extensions, or false eyelashes for 3 weeks. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

For areola and scar camouflage: Avoid allowing the pigment area to be in direct contact with the air for longer than 15 minutes for the first 14 days. The area must be sealed day 1-7, and then covered with gauze day 7-14. See aftercare instructions.


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